Han heter Ricardo González Davila, er 44 år gammel og kommer fra Spania.
Han har en fantastisk CV og veldig god erfaring som trener. Hans kone og barn bor på Tenerife, i Spania. Ricardo landet i Tromsø i går kveld og skal fungere som hovedtrener i klubben.

Her er en liten presentasjon av han og ett bilde. Vi håper og tror at han kommer å gjøre en glimrende jobb og ønsker han velkommen.

"My name is Ricardo González Davila, although in the world of basketball I am known as Richi. I am 44 years old and I have been training since I was 18, although I spent a few years as a player and coach at the same time. My wife's name is Lidia Mirchandani and she has been one of the best basketball players in Spanish history. She has played with the Spanish and European teams, having won medals in those championships. Lidia played in the best teams of Spain; Ros Casares, Universitari. Sandra Gran Canaria ... etc, and also played in several years in Russia, Italy and Switzerland. We have a 19-month-old daughter named Maria and my wife is pregnant again and we will be a child's parents in July.

I have trained in all categories of Spanish basketball, having won many titles and in recent years I decided to try new experiences as a coach away from Spain, having been fantastic sports and personally all of them. I was training for three years the National Teams to Chile, having achieved those three years the best international results in the history of Chile, last year I trained Men's Professional League in Bolivia and my last work until December 2016 was as National Men's and Women's National Team RPD Korea, being the first coach of Spanish basketball that has trained in Chile, Bolivia and Korea".

Vi gleder oss til å bli bedre kjent med Richi!